A Must Have Travel Makeup Kit

Packing your luggage as you prepare to travel is fun but can be lots of work. You might come-up with a packing list but along the way you lose track. There are makeup essentials that are a must have as you travel for a vacation, business or other trips. You want to look your best for those vacation photos! The hotel may offer some items like shampoo, cleanser and others but you need to pack your favorites. Below we look at the must pack items.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo will ensure your hair remains fresh and clean without water. This will come in handy after a long flight.

Hand sanitizer

Travelling means you will come into contact with several things like rails and door handles being touched by others. It’s always advisable to get yourself an anti-bacteria gel to ensure your hands are clean at all times.  Choose one that won’t leave your hands too dry. Remember to keep your hands off your face to avoid bacteria that might lead to your face breaking out. You don’t need this on your vacation!

Face wash

You will need a quick-fix after being in a long flight. The face-wash will give you a clean, refreshed, and moisturized look. This is also essential for removing your makeup before bedtime.

BB Cream

You can use BB cream as your lotion, foundation, and sunscreen. This will help reduce your luggage.


Always wear sunscreen that’s not less than SPF 30. No taking a break on this even when on vacation. Cover all the exposed areas of your skin including ears, face, hands, and legs.


Travelling may mean less sleep. Cover areas around the eyes with a concealer. You can also cover blemishes and spots.

Lip Balm

Your lips need protection and moisture at all times. Choose a lip balm with at least SPF 25 to prevent burn from the sun. You can also choose a tinted one to make your lips look fuller.

Eye Mask

Eye masks restore elasticity and firmness to your skin. You don’t need puffy eyes after a long flight. The masks stimulate and regenerate skin cells that reduce wrinkles and fine lines. You still need a beautiful face after the vacation. Pack eye masks.


You need to smell fresh and be odor free even when on vacation. Remember to pack your deodorant.


Make sure you buy a new toothbrush as you pack for your travel. Give your everyday toothbrush a break!


Headphones will ensure you keep off noise in your flight end enjoy a pleasant time for those 7 or so hours. You can also enjoy your music just in-case you choose to work-out when on holiday.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great at taking care of your hair and skin. It helps make your hair stronger and thicker. Use it to remove your makeup. It will also leave wrinkles smoother.

Eyebrow Fillers

Always fill your eyebrows with eye pencil/eyeliner. Tweeze them to keep them in shape. You can also use the eye pencil to line your lips.


You need your eyes to pop and look bright on your vacation. Pack waterproof mascara for that fresh look even in the water.

Nail file and clippers

You might not get a nail salon where you are travelling to. You may also not get time to visit the salon. Clippers and a file will help you keep your nails under-check.

Depending with how long your trip will last, you might need other essentials like an exfoliator after a week or so to get rid of the dead cells. You can also pack a blush, powder, and eye shadow if you need complete makeup. You can also pack your favorite perfume if you feel you need one. Have a beautiful trip!

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