How to Find the Right SPF for your Skin

Wearing sunscreen is a must when outdoors. You need sunscreen to protect your skin from aging and from skin cancer. The kind of sunscreen to wear may differ depending with the type of exposure one is exposed to. If you are only exposed for minutes at any time, a protection cream with SPF 15 will do. If the exposure is high, you need a broader spectrum with SPF 30 or higher. You need to apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours when you are outdoors.  Apply sunscreen when going out to the beach, swimming, travelling for a nature walk, hiking and other outdoor activities. Your skin type will also determine the kind of sunscreen to wear.

Oily skin

An oily skin in most cases has problems like acne, spots, enlarged pores, greasy feel and a shiny look. You need an aqua-based or gel SPF sunscreen. These types are drying and don’t give you a greasy effect.

Normal skin

Normal skin type looks clean, smooth, and healthy. This type of skin is less problematic and has good blood circulation giving it a glowing complexion. Cream based sunscreen will work well for this skin type.

Dry skin

Dry skin type is usually sensitive and has low levels of sebum. The skin feels tight after washing and looks parched. You need to use a moisturizer or a cream. Use thick and higher SPF sunscreen.

Aging skin

For mature skin, the skin has damaged elastin and collagen. Choose a sunscreen that has added benefits like clearing wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. The anti-aging benefits will help brighten and repair the skin.

Dark skin

It’s now a fact that even people with dark skin tone need sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen that has SPF 15 and that won’t leave the skin with a white hue.

Fair skin

A fair skin tone is more likely to burn when exposed to the sun. It’s advisable to choose a sunscreen with SPF 30+. Make sure you reapply sunscreen after 2-3 hours when still out in the sun.

You need to keep in mind below when picking a sunscreen:

1. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen. The best product should have at least SPF 15.

2. Read the labels

  • check
    Waterproof brands are ideal for swimming or if you will be sweating a lot
  • check
    Check that you have picked the right one for your skin type
  • check
    For sensitive skin, pick a brand that doesn’t contain Para-aminobenzoic acid(PABA) as an ingredient

3. Try different sunscreens if you react to a particular one and check the ingredients before purchasing another.

4. Choose water-based sunscreen if your skin is suffers from acne.

5. More expensive product doesn’t mean it’s effective.

6. Check the expiry date of the product. Some ingredients in the sunscreen degrade over time.

In conclusion, using sunscreen is important for good health and also for beauty purposes. On top of using sunscreen, you should also wear protective clothing, hats, and UV-blocking sunglasses to protect you from the sun. Avoid UV tanning and seek shade more often. Good luck choosing the right sunscreen for your skin and enjoy the outdoors.

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