How to Make your Fruit Infused Drink for a Healthy You

Water is life! Our bodies need at least 8 glasses of water a day. 60% of our body is made up of water. We lose a lot of water daily during our everyday activities. Your body needs water for proper digestion, absorption of nutrients, saliva production, healthy skin, and to maintain body temperature. Whilst drinking water is so important, many people find it difficult to meet the recommended amount.

Drinking plain water can be boring to most people. Let’s be honest, plain water isn’t an exciting drink. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. You can now make an infused drink!  An infused drink will quench your thirst and also add vitamins to your body. Vitamins are responsible for maintaining your body immune system, metabolism, digestion, and also a healthy skin.

You can make your infused drink from fruits, vegetables, herbs or species of your choice. Carry your drink everywhere you go and stay hydrated throughout the day. On this article, we will cover step by step on how to make your own fruit infused drink.

1. Get an infuser water bottle

An infuser water bottle infuses fruits, vegetables, and herbs with cold water. They are specially designed for this purpose. Currently in the market we have stainless steel infuser water bottle, glass infuser water bottle, and sports infuser water bottle. The bottles come in different qualities, color, style, and prices.

2. Gather the fruits of your choice

You can make your infused drink from one fruit or a combination of many fruits. Different fruits will give your drink various flavors. Allow yourself to be creative and enjoy flavors and vitamins as you sip your drink everywhere. Always use fruits that are fresh at all times for the best results.

3. Wash your fruits and chop them

Wash your fruits and rinse with enough clean water. Peel the fruits if need be and chop them into small sizes. Chopped small sizes will allow the flavor to infuse quickly. Add the pieces into clean cold water.

4. Leave the mixture for a few hours

Your drink will be flavorful if allowed to sit for longer hours. Note that different fruits infuse differently. Some take shorter time and other take longer. Be sure to check your drink after a few hours to know whether to allow more time. You can alternatively leave the drink in a fridge overnight to allow all the flavors to infuse.

5. Drink and re-fill as desired

You can carry your drink to work, shopping malls or during exercise sessions. This will be a source of energy as you go about your day. Refill your bottle with water a few times before you can change the ingredients.

Making your own infused drink will allow you to stay hydrated and healthy. You will also be sure of what you are drinking. Avoid buying packed juices, sodas, and energy drinks which just add calories to your body and make you unhealthy. Now, get to the kitchen and make your drink.

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