How To Wear makeup Step By Step

Wearing makeup may seem like a complicated and long process to most people. Everybody has their own way of expressing themselves with makeup. You will also have fun doing your own makeup if you know the right procedure to follow. We look at simple steps you can follow to achieve that gorgeous look you always want. You don’t have to spend the whole day doing makeup! It’s easy and you don’t need an expert to achieve the best look.

PART I:  Get The Base Right

1. Clean your face

Use a cleanser to gently wash your face at least twice daily. You can use an exfoliating face pad to buff your skin. Rinse your face with warm water and use a dry towel afterwards.

2. Apply moisturizer

Use a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type. You may use sunscreen with SPF 40. This will act a moisturizer and sunscreen at the same time. Apply gently in a circular motion. Start from your nose, cheekbones and then the forehead.

3. Apply Primer

Applying primer helps fill in the gaping pores on your face. This will help in achieving a smooth finish. Primer is also good at helping bind makeup together to stay longer on your skin. There are a variety of primers with some that have special qualities. Check them from beauty shops and boutiques.

4. Apply concealer

A concealer is good at hiding under the eye circles. It also hides discolorations and blemishes. Your concealer should be the same color as your foundation. Apply the concealer on the blemishes, under the eyes and discolored areas. Apply in a tapping motion using your fingers, makeup sponge or a small brush.

5. Use foundation that matches your skin tone

When shopping for foundation, you may find some that come in cool, warm, and neutral undertones. Foundation comes in different types. They include:

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    Liquid foundation – you can use this if you have a combination or dry skin type. Liquid foundation will give you a shallow to medium coverage. You may need to use a concealer to cover blemishes if you use this type of foundation.
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    Cream foundation – this is suitable for people with normal or dry skin types. It is thick and may feel heavy on you. On the other hand, you may not need to use a concealer.
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    Powder foundation – This foundation is best for people with oily skin type. It has a light coverage and a natural look. You can go for this if you aim to achieve a natural look.

6. Apply foundation

There are different ways you can apply your foundation. You can use a brush, a sponge, your fingers or beauty blenders. Apply foundation from your nose outward to your cheeks. Apply on your chin, jaw line, the side of your face, your forehead and finally your neck.

7. Use powder

Use a powder that matches your skin tone. Use a brush to apply the powder on your face. Powder helps reduce shine and set the foundation. Powder the nose, cheekbones and the forehead. Dust off excess powder from your face.

PART II: Work On Your Other Features

After achieving a beautiful base, concentrate on enhancing your other features.

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    Get an eyeliner and mascara. Line your upper eye-line and the corners of the lower lash-line. Use a coat of mascara on your eye-lashes for that bright and awake look.
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    Work on your eyebrows. Use any eye pencil that matches the color of your eyebrows. Fill in the gapes of your eyebrow creating a desired shape.
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    Work on your lips. Moisturize your lips with a lip balm. You need a lipstick that complements your skin tone.

You will enjoy doing makeup daily if you follow above steps. The speed and ease will come once you get used to doing it. You will also perfect the art with time. Some few things worth to note:

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    Never sleep in your makeup. Your skin may start reacting negatively and you may experience breakouts.
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    Wash your makeup brushes and any others like sponges you use and dry them. Brushes and sponges tend to attract lots of dust and germs and you may end up with acne.
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    Be careful and gentle with your eyes. The skin below the eyes is very delicate and requires no rubbing.
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